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Primo Strategy Limited (Primo) is a leadership development, training, coaching, and management consulting organization that seeks to collaborate with like-minded leaders to develop other leaders for purposes of creating leadership transformation for improved productivity, performance and impact.


Our vision is to help individuals and businesses accelerate their growth.


Our mission is to nurture people to greater effectiveness by enabling them identify, develop and exploit their abilities to realize their full potential.



We are passionate about teaching what the power of leadership can do to impact organizations at large.


We are especially keen to listen to our clients needs and formulate plans to help attain their set goals.


We keep in the process of continuous developing and learning in order to better the services we provide.


Our time is dedicated to deliver quality results time and time again by treating each client's case individually.

Our Approach

We believe that your brand is your people. When you make developing people your priority, they will effectively execute your strategy, enabling you achieve your goals and objectives.
Each client is unique, and so is our approach. Providing specialized attention to each client’s needs enables us to offer innovative and tailored solutions for each situation.
We follow a broad four-stage methodology:


Here is what some of the participants from the sessions we have held had to say.

“It has brought the team together to reflect and improve in the workplace.”
Participant, Strathmore Business School

“That was a very interactive session for sure…The training was really awesome, educative and motivating…It was an awesome session…It was very interactive, engaging and the presenter was lively. The card games were very interactive.”
Participants, WPP-Scangroup

“My team and I were well pleased by the thoughtful organization of the day, the investment in probing and understanding the one thing that we needed to achieve during the event. The excitement and deep reflection of the day still linger on in my team and are beginning to inspire a renewed spirit of community and team work.”
Manager, Strathmore Institute of Mathematical Sciences

“The leadership game and the whole training was a really fascinating experience to me, seeing that  we could sit together and deal with a load of management and leadership issues, find solutions within a very short time; and correct one another in a very responsive and professional manner. The game allows for issues to be looked at from all perspectives and allows for holistic participation of all members. It was an eye opener to me on how to make decisions affecting corporates and still enhance total involvement of all affected.”
Participant, Christian Mission Aid